Weighing platforms IS Ex

High-resolution digital weighing platforms for use in EX zones. Readability: 3,000 e or 2 x 3,000 e (verifiable) or 15,000 d or 30,000 d (not for legal metrology). Weighing capacity: 0.62 to 300 kg. IP54 protected.

  • For use in Zone 1,2 (BBE / CCE-models) or Zone 20, 1, 21, 2, 22 (EDE / IGG-models)
  • Data transfer via Zener barrier or interface converter
  • with monolithic weighing system and internal calibration weight
  • RS-485 data output as a standard (RS232, TTY10mA optionally available)
Expendable items / Equipment


YDH03CWS Column,platf. 500×400,height750mm
YDH01CWS Column,platf.320×240,height330mm
YDH02CWS Column,platf.400×300,height500mm

Drive-On ramps

YAR01CWS Drive-on ramp, stainless steel, 1200×600
YAR02CWS Drive-on ramp, st. steel, 1200×1000
YAR06CWS Drive-on ramp, st. steel, 1200×800
YAR03CWS Drive-on ramp, stainl. steel, 1200×1250
YAR04CWS Drive-on ramp, stainl. steel, 1200×1500
YAR05CWS Drive-on ramp, st. steel, 1200×1500
YAR01CWST Drive-on ramp,st.steel,tread pl.1200×600
YAR06CWST Drive-on ramp,st.steel,tread pl.1200×800
YAR02CWST Drive-on ramp,st.steel,×1000
YAR03CWST Drive-on ramp, st.steel,tr. pl.1200×1250
YAR04CWST Drive-on ramp, st.steel,tr. pl.1200×1500
YAR05CWST Drive-on ramp, st.steel,tr. pl.1200×1500
YAR01CWS4 Drive-on ramp,AISI316Ti st.stl.,1200×600
YAR06CWS4 Drive-on ramp, Ti,1200×800
YAR02CWS4 Drive-on ramp, Ti,1200×1000
YAR03CWS4 Drive-on ramp, Ti,1200×1250
YAR04CWS4 Drive-on ramp, Ti,1200×1500
YAR05CWS4 Drive-on ramp, Ti,1200×1500
YAR01CWST4 Drive-on ramp,AISI316Ti,trd. pl.1200×600
YAR02CWST4 Drive-on ramp,AISI316Ti,tr. pl.1200×1000
YAR03CWST4 Drive-on ramp,AISI316Ti,tr. pl.1200×1250
YAR04CWST4 Drive-on ramp, AISI316Ti,×1500
YAR05CWST4 Drive-on ramp, AISI316Ti,×1500


YEG01CWS Pit frame, st.steel, platform 800×600 mm
YEG08CWS Pit frame st.steel, platf. 800x800mm
YEG07CWS Pit frame st.steel, platf. 1000x800mm
YEG02CWS Pit frame st.steel, platf. 1000x1000mm
YEG03CWS Pit frame st.steel, platf. 1250x1000mm
YEG09CWS Pit frame, stainless steel, 1250×1250 mm
YEG04CWS Pit frame st.steel, platf. 1500x1250mm
YEG05CWS Pit frame st.steel, platf. 1500x1500mm
YEG06CWS Pit frame st.steel, platf. 2000x1500mm


YWT01CWS Bench,, ptd., platform 400x300mm
YWT02CWS Bench,, ptd., platform 500x400mm
YWT03CWS Bench,, ptd., platform 650×500
YWT04CWS Bench,, ptd., platform 800x600mm

Barcode readers

YDH01WTCWS Bench column, stainless steel

YFP02CWS Fixing set
YRC01IGS-X EX roller conveyor, st. steel, 800x600mm

Roller conveyor

YRC01EDS-X EX roller conveyor, st. steel, 400x300mm
YRC01DCS-X EX roller conveyor, st. steel, 320x240mm
YRC01FES-X EX roller conveyor, st. steel, 500x400mm
YRC01GFS-X EX roller conveyor, st. steel, 650x500mm


Intrinsically safe explosion-protected analogue platforms for weighing ranges from 0.1 g up to 3 t and in 11 different dimensions available. As weight sensors, these platforms are flexible for use with other suitable products of the Sartorius group ranging from stand-alone weighing workstations (with an indicator set up in the hazardous area) to process equipment configurations connected to transmission or control systems (transmitters or controllers set up in a hazardous area for recipe weighing, batching and filling systems).All components for use in hazardous areas come with verification of intrinsic safety that covers all components in the modular series. This special service makes it easy to generate the documentation of explosion protection required within the scope of occupational safety regulations/ATEX.

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