Tension Load Cell S-Type PR 6246

Tension load cell from 100 kg to 3 t. Specially designed for tank and hopper weighing, hybrid scales and high-precision dosing systems. For use in EX zones 1, 2, 20, 21, 22 and FM DIV 1.

  • Ultra-high precision load cell for batching applications
  • Corresponding mounting kit: PR 6046
  • Load cell capacity range from 100 kg to 3 t
  • Accuracy class: 0.04 % – 0.008 %



The PR 6246 range of load cells is specially designed for high-precision weighing of process vessels and for high-precision dosing. Due to the fact that the container is suspended, movements arising from mechanical or thermal expansion or contraction of the vessel or its supporting construction can be counterbalanced. The load cell is manufactured entirely from stainless steel. A particular design characteristic is the compact construction with a high overload range of up to 150% and the highest accuracy class of up to C6.

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