Compression S-Type Load Cell PR 6241

Compression load cells from 100 kg to 5 t. Specially designed for tank and hopper weighing as well as basic dosing systems. For use in EX zones 1, 2, 20, 21, 22 and FM DIV 1.

  • Ultra-high precision load cell for batching applications
  • Corresponding mounting kits
  • Load cell capacity range from 100 kg to 5 t
  • Accuracy class: 0.04 % – 0.008 %




The PR 6241 range of load cells is specially designed for weighing small and medium sized process vessels and for high-precision dosing. The unique design principle, in combination with the FlexLock-installation kits, makes it possible to counterbalance movements arising from mechanical or thermal expansion or contraction of the vessel or its supporting construction.

Load cell construction

S-shape design with integrated load return. Full stainless steel construction, hermetically sealed, welded, filled with inert gas.


Load cell: 1.4542 (DIN 17440) similar to S604, S622 (B.S.), 17 – 4PH


IP 68, IEC 529 (equivalent to NEMA 6). The load cell can be submerged in water to a depth of 1.5m for 10,000 hours. Robust, flexible, screened; Sheath: TPE Thermopl. Elastomere, Colour: grey (EX: blue); Diameter: 5 mm, wires 4 x 0.35 mm2; Length: 5 m

Bending radius

Fixed installation: ≥ 50mm; Flexible installation: ≥ 150mm

Corresponding mounting kits

PR 6043 Mini FlexLock, PR 6041 without constrainer, PR 6044 with additional functions and constrainer

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