Shear Beam Load Cell MP 58, 58 T

Cast stainless steel load cell for use in platform scales and for basic weighing of small to medium-sized containers. The load cell is available in threaded and T-end versions. IP67 protected. Available for use in EX-zones 1, 20, 21.

  • For economic vessel weighing solutions
  • Accuracy class: 0.02 %
  • Load cell capacity range from 91 kg to 2.268 t
  • Corresponding mounting kits




MP 58/ 91kg C3MR
MP 58/ 227kg C3MR
MP 58/ 454kg C3MR
MP 58/1134kg C3MR
MP 58/2268kg C3MR

MP 58T/ 91kg C3MR
MP 58T/ 227kg C3MR
MP 58T/ 454kg C3MR
MP 58T/1134kg C3MR
MP 58T/2268kg C3MR

Also available in an EX version.

Corresponding mounting kits

  • Rubber mounting kit MP 92
  • Mounting kit without constrainer MP 93
  • Mounting kit with constrainer MP 94

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