Digitálny váhový prevodník MP 26

Digital Process Transmitter MP 26

The simple load cell transmitter for evaluating the weighing data from hopper scales. The DIN rail-mounting and front operating display simplify installation.


The MP 26 series of Digital Process Transmitters is designed to combine reliable weight information from process vessels with extremely easy operation and setup. A wide range of strain gauge load cells can be connected and output is provided in the common 4… 20 mA signal format. Direct access to all configuration and operation levels via the front keys. The MP 26/10 engineering tool provides the same level of access via a comfortable PC-Program.

Pass word protection

User selectable pass code to prevent unauthorised access to parameters or zero set function.

Input circuit control

Continuous control of input circuit and input signal range.

Zero set function

To suppress changing dead loads via the front keys or an external switch.

Input signal filter

Intelligent first order low pass filter to suppress unwanted signal deviation caused by external disturbances. Adjustable time constant and tolerance band. Signal changes that exceed the set tolerance band will by-pass the filter directly for speedy response.


  • Full Digital Signal Processing with up to 20,000 divisions internal Resolution
  • Supplies up to 4 Load Cells of 350 Ohm
  • Analogue output 0/4…20 mA, 0/2…10 V, fully galvanically isolated from supply
  • Direct calibration and configuration via front keys without weights
  • Configuration also via PC-Engineering Tool MP 25/10
  • Supply voltage 230 V (24 V Option)
  • Protection class IP 30, DIN-Rail or wall mounting


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